Our beautiful Garden was featured in Star News recently, detailing our efforts to maintain the space of the land.

Memorial Brick Drive

Within the Garden, there is a brick pathway that leads you to deeper into the beautiful green space and you can now commemorate a friend, a family member, promote your business, tell a joke, it’s totally up to you.  At the conclusion of our fundraising campaign your brick will be laid on our pathway in the center of the Garden! To learn more visit our fundraising page

Crease Street Garden Fundraiser

The Friends of the Crease Street Garden are raising funds to purchase the land from the current owner and save it from future development. The Board of the Garden is teaming up with the FNA, the Penn Treaty Special Services District, and the Neighborhood Gardens Trust to purchase the Garden.

*Our goal is to raise $100,000 by the end of 2021*

To help reach this goal, PTSSD will graciously match the first $40,000 donated, so any contributions ou make today will effectively be doubled!

To learn more about these efforts and donate, please Visit our fundraising page here

The Crease Street Garden Board is investigating the prospects of buying the land occupied by the Garden. The land is currently owned by Mike and Meaghan Kind, and they have invited the Garden Board to purchase the Land. Were the Garden Board to purchase the land, title to the land would likely be held by the Neighborhood Gardens Trust, (NGT), an organization affiliated with the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

On Thursday, October 8th, 2020 two representatives from NGT visited the Garden and met the Garden Board and about 20 individuals who are supportive of the long-term preservation of the Crease Street Garden. The discussion focused on the history of the Garden, the current management and fund-raising practices, and the likely funding sources available to fund the purchase of the land, with a particular focus on the ‘local buy-in’ required by each funding source.

Little Free Library!

We are excited to share that the Crease Street Garden is now home to a Read to Succeed LFL! The library is currently stocked with children’s books, but there will be options for all ages in the future. Flip through a book in the beautiful Garden or feel free to take some home. You are also welcome to add books that you not be using at home. All we ask is that you please remember to keep the doors closed so the books are protected from the elements. Enjoy!


PHS Gardening and Greening Contest recognizes Crease Street Garden for motivating people to improve the quality of life and crease a sense of community through horticulture in the category of: Flower Garden Community

2011 Community Service Award in recognition of your outstanding service & dedication to our neighborhood. Fishtown is a better place because of you.

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