This is a community garden, please be respectful to the Garden and all those who wish to use it. The rules are as follows:

a. The Garden closes at dusk. Please exit the Garden at that time.

b. Respect Our Neighbors and Our Plants

c. Remove Your Trash

d. No Open Fires or Unlawful Activities

e. Avoid Boisterous Activities


For private use, please see our guidelines and reservation form below

To make a reservation request, please fill out the form below.

Indemnification Agreement:
I agree on my own behalf and on behalf of my party to indemnify and defend the Garden Board, as well as its individual Board members, from any and all claims, damages, suits, actions, property damages, and/or personal injuries occurring in connection with the event, and/or arising from use of the Garden by you or any of the guests that you invite and/or are otherwise present at the Garden during the time of your event, whether before or after the stated time of your reservation.  I recognize that the Garden Board does not insure me, my guests, or my property, and that I have the right to purchase my own insurance for my event, and that any insurance I purchase may cover me and my guests for any liabilities that occur in connection with my event or arising from any use of the Garden by me and my guests.

Once your request is confirmed, your confirmation email will be used as your contract, agreeing to the above terms. If you are requesting a reservation date less than 72 hours before your event, do not use this form, but rather e-mail

Payment: Please note, no rental donation is due until your reservation is confirmed by Crease Street Garden. A Garden representative will contact you to finalize the reservation. We offer two ways of paying the reservation fee. You may write a check payable to Friends of the Crease Street Garden, leaving your check at either 1223 Crease St or 228 E. Thompson St. (door on Crease Street). Alternatively, you may Venmo @creasestreetgarden

All reservations will be displayed on our calendar below.

The official registration and financial information of Friends of Crease Street Garden may be obtained from Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll free, within Pennsylvania, 1 (800) 732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement.

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